L'Etape du Tour

Handling withdrawals and elimination on the course

The Etape du Tour is a very challenging mountain race. We urge you to approach your physical preparation seriously, which will allow you to appreciate the moment and reach your target.

Despite meticulous preparation, abandon nevertheless remains a possibility, whether for mechanical or physiological reasons.

Closing roads to traffic is an important element of this challenge. The pleasure of roads without cars and the possibility to descend safely or to climb without motorized vehicles are some of the advantages obtained with the help of the authorities on July 7.
In counterpoint, the race organizers are responsible for important means of security (traffic control, medical team, etc.) and have committed to clearing the path at a given time. To do so, competitors that are passed by the last car of the race will be eliminated because they have exceeded the maximum delay.

For a number of years, competitors who were eliminated or withdrew were picked up on the road by special “sweeping” trucks.
This cumbersome system (dozens of trucks) had difficulty clearing the roads within the scheduled time.

A new system has been set up to manage “out of race” participants.

For the Etape du Tour 2013, there will be 6 repatriation points on the course. “Out of race” participants should stop at or join the closest point to be able to take advantage of a ride back to Annecy.
Trucks and buses will be parked at these 6 points and serve as shuttles to Annecy:

*La Motte-en-Bauges, km 34.5

*Aillon-le-Jeune, km 50

*Saint-Jean-d'Arvey, km 65

*La Féclaz, km 77

*Montcel, km 97

*Gruffy, km 109

Outside of these repatriation points, participants will not be taken by the organization to come back to the finish zone. It is imperative for those who would like to abandon or those who have surpassed the time limit to reach these points to take advantage of the service.
Between two different repatriation points, only broken bicycles will be taken and brought to the next repatriation point.

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