L'Etape du Tour



You are going to compete in a mountain stage: the weather can change very quickly.

- Make sure you don’t catch cold or get sunstroke. - Allow clothing suitable for each situation. - Anticipate your nutritional requirements. - Stay in tune with your physical condition.


There are free left luggage facilities in the start area. You can leave your things there on the morning of the race and they will be available at L’Étape du Tour Village in La Toussuire when you finish.

- Remember to attach the luggage labels designed for this purpose (you can find them in your bib envelope). - Don’t put anything valuable in your bag.
Coffee and pastries will also be available for riders in the start area.

15,000 cyclists will be entering the town centre of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne on Sunday 19th July. Please respect a few basic rules:

- If you are going to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne by car, use the drop-off areas indicated to unload your vehicle and get yourself ready. - Only go to the town centre by bike or on foot. - The site is extensive, so make sure you have enough time to get to your starting area without worrying.


Instructions for the start:

- Identify your starting area in advance and how you are going to get there. - The starting areas open at 6 am and will close one after the other. - Make sure to join your staring area before it closes or you will have to join the next starting area. - Volunteers will filter access to the starting area. Show them your number plate and bib clearly to facilitate your entry to the starting area. - Once in the starting area, it will be impossible to get out. - Listen carefully to the safety instructions given just before the start line. Don’t rush: your time will only be recorded when you pass under the start arch.

Starting areas plan


Time departure


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