L'Etape du Tour - Act 1

How can I register?

The registration period will start on the 12th of November on A.S.O. Challenges.

Go to the "Details and prices" page, where you will need to fill in a form and make a secure payment. It will take you five minutes and you will receive immediate confirmation of your registration by e-mail.

We invite you to read the information from the page "how to register" to learn about the process and validate your registration in good conditions.

Who can register?

The race is open for riders who were born in 1996 or earlier. All foreign riders must present a medical certificate stipulating the absence of contraindications for participation in cycling competitions. Foreign licenses (including UCI license) are not valid for the Etape du Tour 2014.

Where and when can I get my race number?

You can pick up your race number at the Host Village in Pau (Espace Tissier – avenue Gaston Lacoste) on Friday, July 18 (2 pm to 8 pm) and Saturday, July 19 (9 am to 8 pm).

Race numbers will not be sent by mail, nor will they be handed out on the day of the race.

What documents do I need to get my race number?

You must have your medical certificate (or licence), your registration convocation (printed from ASO Challenges, in your corner Subsciption Track ) and an identity document with you.

Will there be a pasta party?

Pasta party that usually took place the day before the event is deleted. Indeed, in response to your requests, this service will take place at the finish.

Hot and salty snacks will be served after the event, on the ‘Finish Village’ at Lau-Balagnas.

How does the tombola work?

A coupon for participation will be given to you when you come to pick up your race number at the welcome Village. All you will need to do is to fill it in and put it in the urn which will be situated near the truck podium.

The drawings will take place on Friday, July 18 at 5:30pm and Saturday, July 19 at 5:30 pm. Presence is mandatory for picking up prizes.

There will be many prizes like a pair of MAVIC wheels, Etape du Tour LE COQ SPORTIF jerseys, Radarlock OAKLEY sunglasses, etc.

Can I leave a vehicle near the finishing line?

A shuttle system will be available the day before the challenge on Saturday, 19 July 2014, allowing you to leave your car at the finish in Lau Balagnas.

The shuttles will leave (around every 20-30 minutes, depending on how many people are on the bus) from Lau Balagnas between 10am and 5pm and leave you at the Welcome Village in Pau (Stade Tissier). The length of the trip is estimated to be 1:10 by car and 1:30 by bus.

Attention: this service will only function on Saturday, 19 July 2014. There will be no shuttles available on Sunday!

Places on the shuttle need to be reserved beforehand during registration. You will be able to pick up your coupons on Friday, July 18 and Saturday, July 19 only at the ASO Challenges stand (Start Village in Pau) where you must present your race number. This ticket must be presented to get on the shuttle.

Can I leave luggage at the start and pick it up after the finish?

There is a luggage office available at the start of L'Etape on Place de Verdun in Pau. You just need to leave your luggage in the tents provided for such purpose.

Your race number will be written on a label attached to your luggage.
After the finish at the ‘Finish Village’ in Lau Balagnas, you just need to present your race number to retrieve your luggage.

What types of bicycles are allowed in L'Etape du Tour?

All types of bicycles are allowed except electric bicycles.

Is L'Etape du Tour timed?

The race will be timed, allowing for the establishment of several classifications:

  • - A scratch classification
  • - A real-time classification
  • - A real-time classification by categories

The real-time classification is established thanks to a timing chip placed on your handlebar number. This chip will be detected when you cross the starting and finishing lines, giving your real race time.

Since the 2012 edition, timing mats are placed on climbs most important to timed your ascents and make a ‘climber’ ranking.

Is the road closed to traffic during the race?

During the entire challenge, as for the Tour de France professional cyclists, you will ride on roads that are closed to traffic. However, a schedule will be in place to handle the opening of the roads to traffic. Beyond the time barrier, the roads will be open again to traffic.

What is a race timetable?

The race timetable lets us plan the race route closure and take care of eliminations on L'Etape du Tour. These eliminations are based on defined checkpoint times for each town or city crossed. These times are negotiated with the Prefectures of the departments crossed and the Gendarmerie Nationale.

It is imperative to strictly respect this timetable (for roads to be re-opened to traffic) if we want to continue enjoying a totally closed-off route for the race.

What happens if I am eliminated or withdraw from the race?

Remember that you can be eliminated at any point of the race course. The "race timetable car" follows exactly the race timetable.
All riders overtaken by this vehicle (which is equipped with a stopwatch) will be eliminated from the race, regardless of the point in the race. The "End of the Race" will be marked by several vehicles of the organization.

In case of elimination, you will go to the repatriation points, bus / truck will pick you up for a return to the ‘Finish Village’.

Bicycles will be loaded onto the lorries and returned to cyclists at the "finishing line village" upon presentation of the race number.

Must I use a helmet?

Yes, it is mandatory to use a rigid helmet. You must wear it (strapped) throughout the entire race route.

How does L'Etape du Tour start?

During registration, you indicated your athletic level. With this information, you have been separated into different start groups according to your previous performances. So, the fastest competitors will leave the start before others.

You can now find your race number in the list of registered participants. In a few days, your convocation and your race number will be available at your ASO Challenges profile.

To avoid traffic jams and to maintain your comfort and security, each start area will have its own start time. There will be a few minutes in between each start to increase flow and to avoid traffic jams at the first difficulty of the course.

Are there supply posts in the route?

Refreshment areas will be positioned at fixed points along the course. You will find water, energy products (powder and bars), fresh fruit, dried fruit, and savory products...

More details here.

Where can I get a technical assistance for my bicycle?

Technical assistance will be available at the Welcome Village for a last tune up. This assistance will also be available to the Pontacq (km 35), Bagnères-de-Bigorre (km 67), and Ayros-Arbouix (km 131.5) refreshment stands.

This service, offered by Mavic is free of charge.

What rules should I follow during the race?

The race route is closed to traffic, but that does not mean you should not follow certain common sense rules:

  • - Ride on the right side of the road so that faster cyclists can overtake you safely
  • - Warn cyclists behind you of potential obstacles by lifting your arm
  • - Get off the road if you have to stop due to a technical problem
  • - Stay focused and concentrated to avoid a great deal of accidents
Rules specific to the Hautacam Pass: After arriving, there will be no more competition. You will need to go back down to the Finish Village at Lau Balagnas. Respect those who are still competing in the opposite direction, and be extremely attentive and careful. Take the time to get your energy back before going down slowly.

What should I do with my waste during the race?

Throughout the race route, you will find waste deposit areas marked by large, extended nets. You will just need to keep your waste (packages, etc.) with you until you find a net and can throw the waste into it.

When will the classifications be published?

Classifications will be posted on the evening after L'Etape du Tour on ASO Challenges (www.asochallenges.com)

Where can I view personal pictures and videos?

Your personal pictures and videos will be available a few days after the race on ASO Challenges (www.asochallenges.com)

Is there a closed park on the village départ where I can leave my bike ?

Closed park – PAU - Opening hours
Friday, July 18: 2 pm -8 pm
Saturday, July 19: 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday, July 20 : 5:30 am – 9 am
The closed park will be secured on Saturday night.

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