L'Etape du Tour - Act 2

Cancellation Conditions

Insured : any person who has taken out cancellation insurance with their registration for the 2012 Etape du Tour Acte II (by ticking the corresponding box on the application form)

Purpose of insurance: to reimburse registration fees paid for the Etape du Tour Acte II when the insured is forced to withdraw due to:

  • death, accident or illness of the insured;
  • death, accident or serious illness (requiring hospitalization) of the insured's spouse, parent or child in the thirty days before the event;
  • refusal of a visa by the French authorities;
  • theft of identity papers in the 48 hours prior to the start of the race;
  • court summons.
Premium: € 11 on top of the registration fee (a single payment to be made for both registration and insurance)

Conditions for payment of benefits: claims for reimbursement must be accompanied by an official document justifying the participant's withdrawal from the event (notably a medical certificate in the case of accident or illness) and must be received by A.S.O. no later than 15 days after the event by post at Etape du Tour - 253 quai de la Bataille de Stalingrad - 92137 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex or by mail at letapedutour@aso.fr. Claims will be handled within two months and the benefit paid within three months.

Main exclusions include:
  • illness or accident suffered prior to taking out the insurance;
  • psychological or psychiatric disorders, nervous or mental illness, and their consequences;
  • pregnancy prior to taking out the insurance;
  • deliberate action by the insured.
We recommend that you read the full terms and conditions of the policy contained in the insurer's information notice.

Insurance policy information notice (.doc)