L'Etape du Tour - Act 2

Race number will be attributed through performance and sport level

To preserve your race comfort, race number will be attributed according to your past performances and your sport level.

Best riders will start the race on the front and slowest riders on the back. The race should be more fluid:

  • Less speed differences between riders, so less overtaking that could make accidents and falls.
  • Less traffic jam in the first climbing when slowest riders are walking.
  • You will ride with same level participants.

On the online or on the travel agencies entry form, you will have to give information on your level :

  • Better ranking on the last editions of the Etape du Tour.
  • Better ranking on other cyclosportives (in the mountain and more than 140km).
  • Some federation reference as elites or competitive riders.

After your registration, you will receive a file number, a reference number.

You race number will only be available in June when all participants levels have been checked.