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In the wake of the Tour de France, l’Étape du Tour is committed to improving the future of cycling! In addition to your love of cycling, you’re also aware of the beauty of the surroundings in which you ride and completely respect them. Cycling is healthy, the sustainable transport solution of the future and so much more!

Committed together, for the future of cycling! 

By reducing, sorting and recycling our waste:

L’Étape du Tour is working with several companies specialised in waste management (reduction, sorting and recycling of waste) to establish its Social and Environmental Responsibility programme throughout the event.

Like every year, we will also be supporting the people in charge of the feeding stations to assist them in achieving this objective. 

You must also respect the areas that you cross, by sorting all your waste at all the feeding stations. We’ll take care of the rest!

In addition to recycling, we’ve replaced all the little bottles of water with 1.5L bottles or the water of the towns crossed, for the past few years. We systematically remove and sort all the sweet and savoury food packaging ourselves.

The Eco Cyclo patrols, which can be spotted in the pack thanks to their green jerseys, will once again accompany you on the 2018 Etape du Tour, making us aware of the importance of preserving our favourite sites.

Discover more information about their actions and commitments here.

This year, you’ll receive a gift bag from L’Étape du Tour. You can use it to store put your personal gel tubes and other packaging that we often find in the ascents of the mountain passes, until you come across a bin. Keep your small waste items with you while you’re riding!

The organisation, with the support of the Eco Cyclo patrols, the signallers and the organisation’s motorbikes, reserves the right to disqualify any participant who disposes of their waste outside the collection areas and the feeding stations.

By promoting the regions crossed:

For many years L’Étape du Tour has been involved in respecting Natura 2000 protected sites. Together let’s be attentive and committed so we can continue to ride there!

Two objectives: Timing and zero waste

We are counting on you to not leave any sign of your presence in L’Étape du Tour in the environment!

Wherever possible, we stock our feeding stations with local food products and thus promote the region and its economy.

By promoting cycling and sustainable mobility:

Encouraging & promoting gentle and sustainable mobility! 

  • By cycling to work, you’ll avoid greenhouse gas and the stress of traffic jams!
  • You protect your city by being exemplary
  • You save fossil fuels so you save money while doing yourself some good! 

Everyone on a bike!

By innovating & encouraging future generations:

Encouraging future generations to take up cycling: this is the Tour de France's spearhead and, in its wake, that of l’Étape du Tour.

Fun activities will be organised for little ones in the host village:

from draisines to fun bikes, with road safety and FFC (French Cycling Federation) circuits, everyone is looking forward to seeing you there!

The benefits of cycling for young people:

  • Improving their balance;
  • Teaching them how to ride a 2-wheel bike and about road safety at a very young age;
  • Creating a link between children and cycling, so that later on they’ll use it as a means of transport essential for their health & our planet;
  • Sharing a moment with their friends and their parents!

By riding for a charity which encourages cycling:

Riding for a charity

This allows you to surpass and motivate yourself when things are difficult. And in addition to making us stronger, it makes our challenge even more meaningful.
It also allows funds to be raised for research for illnesses which concern us.

This year we are honoured to have 100 cyclists from MacMillan Cancer Support Charity, for cancer research. And what will your charity be?