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We love cycling, we love the majestic landscapes that it enables us to discover and we love sharing them with you.

Every year, L’Étape du Tour welcomes thousands of cyclists to protected areas which agree to host the event. Our role as the organiser, and YOUR role as a cyclist, is to respect these sites. To do so, we have made several commitments:

  • We work closely with local organisations and those in charge of waste management to ensure the route is thoroughly cleaned.
  • For several years, we have taken a methodical approach with the ARPE in order to develop environmentally-responsible solutions. 
  • L’Étape du Tour is a member of the Eco-Cyclo programme

Despite all our commitments, only the participants can really guarantee a clean event. All participants must therefore agree to respect the following common sense rules:

  • Keep your rubbish in your pockets and get rid of it at the feeding zones where bins are available.
  • Respect these feeding zones and dispose your rubbish in the bins.
  • Don’t wet your face and hair with mineral water, use the water dispensers.
  • If you get a puncture, give your inner tube to one of the organisers or keep it on you until the next feeding zone.

If you've taken part in a recognised cyclosportive event, we will also take this information into account for your final allocation.