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Starting Areas

The start is a time where stress and pressure can quickly get the upper hand. Plan your access to the start site in the best way so it’s a positive experience.

To do so, respect the recommended times to access the starting areas and get familiar with their layout.

Please note that your start number corresponds to the digit in the thousands place of your race number (race number 4,123 will set off from starting area 4).

Lastly, all the services on offer in the start area will remain in place until the last participant has set off.


The start area consists of 16 secure sections whose entrances are indicated by signs.

  • Look for your start section in advance. Your section number depends on your race number.
  • Look for the path to the rear of your section.
  • The sections open at 6 am and close one by one. If you fail to enter your section before closing time, you will be relegated to the next one.
  • Volunteers will be on duty at the entrances to the sections. Show them your frame number and race number clearly to streamline access.
  • Once inside, you will not be allowed to leave the secure area with your bicycle.
  • Pay attention to the safety instructions given shortly before the start. No need to hurry across the start