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The 10th stage of the 105th edition of the Tour de France will be yours!
We invite you to the shores of Lake Annecy for an expedition across the mountains that takes you to the nearby resort of Le Grand-Bornand... after some rather challenging detours. After battling your way up the Col de la Croix-Fry, where you are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the Aravis mountains, you'll then embark on the 7-km climb to the Plateau des Glières at an average gradient of 11%. You’ll be confronted not only with the steep slope but also the dust on a 1.5-Km portion of untarmacked road before you reach the plateau where members of the local resistance used to hide during the Second World War. This is followed by a hard slog up to the Col de Romme, then the Col de la Colombière, the latter perched at 1,613 metres above sea level. The total elevation gain for the day is over 4,000 metres: the final downhill to Le Grand-Bornand is the well-earned reward for all your hard work…

The 2018 Etape du Tour Route


Each crossroads and junctions will be manned by local authorities and volunteers for your safety. Despite these extraordinary measures, play it safe and follow these instructions:

  • Ride on the right so that faster riders can overtake you and organisation vehicles can move around.
  • Overtake exclusively on the left on climbs and descents.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the signs on the course for your own safety.
  • Be especially careful on descents. Fast, technical and winding sections require a laser-like focus: eat and drink properly before reaching them.
  • Follow any instructions issued by organisation motorcycles - they are responsible for your safety.
  • Keep calm if an accident occurs. Call emergency number 0800 00 52 12 (toll-free) to describe the accident and report the kilometre point and the race numbers of the riders involved.
  • Riders who are overtaken by the time vehicle are considered as being eliminated from the race. For those who are interested or for those who have experienced mechanical failure, four repatriation areas will be set up by the organisation along the route.

0800 00 52 12 TOLL-FREE NUMBER

Call this emergency number if an accident happens on the course. The Race CP will give you the necessary instructions and notify your relatives if needed. A rider information point will be set up in Morzine where families can ask questions on how the race is going.