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To get your Etape du Tour race number, go to

The Pasta Party will take place after the race at the Finish Village (a savoury hot meal will be served after the event).

The shuttle service option is only available on Saturday. Shuttles will link the “finish” site to the Start Village of L’Etape du Tour. This will allow you to park your vehicle at the finish and go to your accommodation close to the start. This service must be reserved when you register on The logistical details (shuttle times) will be communicated in a few weeks’ time. No shuttle service will be available on the day of the race.

All types of FFC approved bikes are accepted, with the exception of electric bikes. Recumbent bicycles and handlebar extensions are not permitted.

The event will be timed and will result in several rankings:

  • A scratch ranking
  • An real ranking
  • An real ranking by category

The actual ranking is possible due to the timing chip attached to your handlebar number. This chip will be activated when you cross the start line and at the finish line, giving your actual race time.

Throughout the entire event, as for the professional riders in the Tour de France, you will ride on a road which is closed to traffic. However, a time limit is set up to ensure the road opens again at a specific time. After this time, the road will be open to traffic once again. The time schedule will be available on the “Time schedule” .

The time schedule helps plan the times at which the road is closed and when riders are eliminated from L’Etape du Tour. Eliminations are based on a defined race time for each commune through which the race passes. These times are negotiated with the Prefectures of the departments in question and the services of the Gendarmerie Nationale. Strict compliance with these hours (reopening of the road to traffic) is indispensable if we want to continue to enjoy a road which is entirely closed to traffic in the future. The time schedule will be available on the “Time Schedule” in a few weeks.

You can be eliminated at any time during the race. The “time schedule” vehicle follows a precise time schedule. Any rider who is overtaken by this vehicle (which features a clock) at any point during the race, will be considered eliminated. The “End of Race” will be marked by several organisers’ vehicles. If you are eliminated, you will be asked to take a detour or to go to the pick-up areas where a bus/truck will take you and your bike to the finish village. Bicycles will be loaded onto trucks and returned to cyclists at the finish village upon presentation of their race numbers.

So that the first to start don’t have an advantage over those at the end, a maximum race time, after which participants will no longer appear in the final rankings, will also be established in 2016.

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a rigid helmet. You must wear it (with the chin strap fastened) throughout the race. Any participant without a helmet will be disqualified.

Feeding zones are available at set locations along the route. You can get water, energy products (powders and bars), fresh fruit, dried fruit, savoury snacks, etc.

A specific area will be reserved for camper vans. Information on this will be communicated in a few weeks.