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L'Étape du Tour follows in the footsteps of the Tour de France to build a better future on a bicycle! Cycling is more than just a passion. It means being aware of how beautiful the landscapes of the race are and how important it is to protect them.

Cycling means sport, health, sustainable mobility and so much more!

L'Étape du Tour de France has been working for years to make an impact through its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy and fulfil a series of sustainable commitments:

The charity éTAPE

In 2018, each participant in L'Étape du Tour received a bag.  It was meant to carry personal gels and other wrappings, which are still a far too common sight on mountain roads!

Despite this initiative, the roads between Annecy and Le Grand-Bornand were found littered with waste after the peloton had moved on. We will be handing out bags again this year. Keep them!

Stricter measures will be taken in the 2019 edition against shameless participants who are caught littering.  You will be getting a new one in 2019.

The organisation will work together with green cycling patrols, flagmen and its own motorbike riders to register the race numbers of participants caught littering and disqualify any rider who disposes of waste outside the collection areas and feeding zones.

Caught littering = disqualified on arrival!

Help L'Étape du Tour leave no trace on its natural landscapes!

We are counting on you!

Reducing, sorting and recycling waste

Feeding zones:

  • Keep in mind that no beakers will be handed out this year.
  • You can fill your own bottles directly with these drinks.
  • If you would rather take your own energy drink and get something else from the feeding zones, remember to bring another empty bottle or an attachable biodegradable cup.

Just like last year, a social economy company will reclaim the waste that the multitude of riders leave at each feeding zone.  Working together with generous volunteers and the organisers, the company also drives home the importance of respecting nature and makes sure it remains pristine.

Some foods (nuts, spice bread, madeleines, local cheese, crackers, etc.) are handed out in bulk to avoid the need for individual packages (which increase the amount of waste).

Others, such as energy bars and gels, are provided in wrappings.

We are counting on you:

  • Do not throw waste on the floor, not even in the feeding zones!
  • Make sure to put each type of waste in the right bin

Organic waste will also be sorted from now on.

Bins will be provided for banana peels, which will then be composted.

Play the game and hit the target!

1.5 L bottles of Vittel, Perrier and Coca-Cola will be collected and recycled, turning used plastic into a useful resource again. As well as implementing waste sorting, several years ago we decided to replace small water bottles with 1.5 L ones or water from the towns and cities crossed.

Respecting, protecting and raising the profile of the areas crossed

Whenever possible, we stock our feeding zones with local produce to raise the profile of each area and boost the economy of each region.You can taste the wide range of specialities the valley has to offer in gastronomical village set up at the reception village, which will be in Albertville this year.

L'Étape du Tour has also sought guidance for many years to safeguard Natura 2000 protected areas.

  • Hotspots
  • Rare or threatened species
  • Vulnerable wild flora

Every year, we submit a dossier to the authorities, which then validate the course of L'Étape du Tour after combing through it to ensure that it meets these crucial requirements.

Let's keep riding responsibly and stay aware together!

Riding for a charitable goal takes on a different meaning for different people, giving riders that extra bit of motivation while training and racing. It helps us to overcome our limits and grit our teeth when the going gets tough.

As well as hardening our resolve and upping the ante for our challenge, it raises funds for medical research on diseases that sometimes hit close to home.

Why you should ride for one of our charity partners

  1. To make a difference

The first and most important reason for which charities take part in events such as L'Étape du Tour is to raise funds.

The money is paid out directly to charities to support their outstanding work and life-changing projects.

  1. To boost your motivation

If you happen to hit the wall during training or on the day of the race, knowing that you are riding for a cause will help you to keep going.

You are no longer riding only for yourself. Instead, you are now supporting research and bringing hope to those in dire need of good news!

  1. To raise awareness

International events such as L'Étape du Tour are the perfect platform to raise awareness about charities on the world stage. In addition to media coverage of the event, thousands of spectators throng the roadsides, giving you a huge potential audience.

  1. To be a superhero on the day of the race

If things get ugly, you can always count on the unconditional support of the crowds, who never fail to cheer for superheroes with a big heart!

  1. To feel good

Although never the main factor in the equation, the tremendous feeling of pride and personal satisfaction you get when you cross the finish line is really something.

You will be surrounded by other participants who, just like you, are riding for a cause and pedalling towards the finish line with the same goal in mind. There will be team spirit and a feeling of accomplishment all around.

  1. To make sure you get a spot

By now, you probably know that the available spots for L'Étape du Tour are sold out in no time, leaving lots of riders without a race number.

If you choose to race for a charity, you will get a guaranteed spot and be able to relax when registration opens, comfortable in the knowledge that there is a spot with your name on it!

In 2018, we had the great privilege to welcome 100 cyclists riding for Macmillan Cancer Support, an organisation that promotes cancer research. This time round, you can ride for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

Choosing and promoting sustainable, soft mobility!

L'Étape du Tour supports cycling as a means of transportation in towns and cities because:

  • By riding your bicycle to work, you prevent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • You can avoid the stress of getting caught in traffic jams!
  • You protect your town or city and lead by example
  • You save on fossil fuels, save money and have fun!
  • You do your mind and body a world of good

Everyone on a bicycle!

The French Cycling Federation and the French Road Safety Authority's "La route se partage" ("Sharing the road") campaign will set up stands in the village in Albertville, with activities such as quizzes and "find the mistake" games to help everyone, but especially children, learn and have fun at the same time!

  • Raising awareness about how to share the road,
  • Reminder of safety rules with a focus on cycling,
  • Raising awareness about vulnerable road users among drivers.

Supporting future generations of cyclists is an absolute priority for the Tour de France and, therefore, L'Étape du Tour. Our welcome village will be hosting fun activities for kids! Come and see the balance bikes, the funny bikes and the French Road Safety Authority and French Cycling Federation's courses!

Cycling is perfect to help children:

  • Improve their balance;
  • Learn to ride two-wheel vehicles and follow road safety rules from a young age;
  • Establish a connection between cycling and young people to make it a vital means of transportation for their health and our planet;
  • Share fun moments with friends and parents!