L'Etape du Tour

To sign up for the race, meet us on A.S.O.Challenges.

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* The unique registration platform to the ensemble of A.S.O. events for the general public.
* A tailored service to help you prepare your races, in terms of your level and your objectives.
* A website community, which allows its members to live their passion from day to day.

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Meet us on November to register for the 2016 edition.
+ Discover the steps to follow
If this is your first registration, you will need to start by creating an A.S.O. Challenges account. The information that you will give concerning your identity will be saved, thus facilitating your registration. You may choose to come back at a later moment to your A.S.O Challenges account to complete your detailed athletic profile to be able to receive information that is coherent with your sport and your level

If you already have an A.S.O. Challenges account, it's unnecessary to recreate another. You'll simply need to reconnect with your pseudo or email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, go to A.S.O. Challenges, and click on “forgotten password”.

Your registration will be made with a secured payment system. After validation of your registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming reception of your payment.
As in past years, we will ask questions which will help determine your athletic level. This information is important and will help us in the attribution of race numbers.
Therefore, it's a good idea to seriously think about your answers to the following questions
  • - If you have already participated in an Etape du Tour, what was your best ranking, in which year?
  • - What is your motivation for the Etape du Tour ?
  • - What is your objective, as far as performance is concerned, for the Etape du Tour ?

For your comfort and security during the race, we have chosen to attribute race numbers in function of athletic performances. This measure allows a more fluid race by avoiding traffic jams...
During your registration, a file number will be given to you. This is not your race number. Your race number will be attributed to you in the beginning of June, when all of the participants will
be registered and we will have collected information concerning level and recent performances of each participant. Each race number will be associated with a wave start time. This start time will not
beable to be changed for any reason. These start waves are given to increase fluidity on the course. On the registration form, a number of questions will be asked. You will need to indicate
your recent performances at the Etape du Tour.


You will need to indicate your best real rankings during previous editions. The dates of these performances will also be taken into consideration.

If you have never participated in the Etape du Tour, you will be asked to share your motivation for signing up (ride with friends, be a finisher, realize a certain performance).
If your goal is to realize a certain time performance for the Etape du Tour 2015, please take a look at the Etape profile to best define your objective.
The performances will not be criteria for selection, they will only be used to define placement within the start area. The chances for participating in the challenge are the same for all.

This measure allows increased fluidity on the course:

  • - Less difference in rhythm, meaning less passing among participants (which can be cause for falling).
  • - Fewer traffic jams in difficult climbs caused by under-trained participants who put their foot on the ground.
  • - Each participant rides with others who have the same general level and speed.

Challenge partners will play by the rules and accept that their participants will be grouped according to this criteria. Travel agencies that organize participation for foreign
competitors have already been doing this over the last five years.

We hope that this measure will increase your comfort level during the challenge and that it will offer all participants to experience as much pleasure as possible.

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